VIDEO / Il documentario di National Geographic sulla questione israelo-palestinese

Pubblico, anche se con un po’ di ritardo, quattro filmati prodotti da National Geographic all’interno della serie “Conflict zone”. Le telecamere seguono Aziz Abu Sarah, un “educatore culturale” nato a Gerusalemme e un “emerging explorer” dell’emittente tv. Di seguito la sua introduzione e i filmati. Belle riprese, immagini ritmate, montaggio serrato. Ma, forse, troppo poco per inquadrare tutta la situazione oggi, nel 2013. Comunque da vedere. Buona visione! (l.b.)

Just over a year ago I started filming for a web series produced by National Geographic. My goal was to highlight the conflicting narratives and the different points of view while inspiring hope. As Obama is visiting the region, I no longer believe that he or other leaders will bring an end to this conflict. It must be people who lead the leaders. However, I have found that the majority of Israelis and Palestinians are indifferent and ineffective. Indifference is the greatest enemy to peace and justice. In this series, I try to understand why this conflict is still going on. I try to examine the narratives and perspectives. But most importantly I also explore the effect of interactions between the sides.